CAMP BABY Sunlounger Ibiza Adult Portable Bed

The CAMP BABY Sunlounger “Ibiza” Adult Portable Bed

Made from certified organic cotton, the CAMP BABY “Ibiza” is made with ultimate relaxation in mind. Made with the intent of providing a level of luxury in any environment, whether hot or cold, the CAMP BABY “Ibiza” is handmade in Australia and sent direct to your location.

The “Ibiza” CAMP BABY edition features  cream organic certified muslin upper with white striped pink organic canvas lower section; and in between, the CAMP BABY organic cotton mattress complete with waterproof PUL organic cotton core.

CAMP BABY Sunlounger Adult Portable Bed Dimensions

183cm (70″) x 62.5cm (27″)

Product Weight – 3.8kg