Growing Organically? Use SAFE SPRAY for Organic Weed Control | Organic Lifestyle Co.

SPRAY SAFE with SAFE SPRAY™ In its aqueous diluted form, SAFE SPRAY™ can not only act as a strong herbicide, but it also works as an innocuous cleaning “antimicrobial” agent with livestock, cutting down on Campylobacter and Salmonella bacteria found commonly in faecal matter. This means that your livestock will also be healthier!


Organic Weed Control | Sharon Mastel’s Organic Gardening Tips and Advice| Organic Lifestyle Blog

Spraying with organic herbicides can also be contentious as there are few certified by trustworthy sources. Here are some Organic Lifestyle Natural Herbicide tips in conjunction with Sharon's article.


Organic Lifestyle Co. Releases the ‘Quik Pod’ Hydroponic Medium Bag for Cloning and Rapid Growth

GROW FASTER HEALTHIER PLANTS with QUIK POD by the Organic Lifestyle Co. After continuous heckling by our many supporters, the Organic Lifestyle Co. have now released to the public our "Quik Pod" Hydroponic Bag for rapid growth when used in DWC (Deep Water Culture) Aeroponics systems, Active or Passive Hydroponics Systems. Seen above, the Quik…


How to: Lower pH organically | OrganicLifestyle.blog | Hydroponic Tech

As standard, Hydroponic gardening relies heavily on the accuracy of pH. Whether growing in soilless aggregates, coco fibre, perlite or even when utilising soil, pH will not only determine the health of your plant above-ground but also microbes in the medium surrounding the roots. With various plants requiring differing levels of acidity, plants will essentially…