Medical Doctor prescribes Ferrograd C against Manufacturers Own Disclosure Statement | Pregnancy | Organic Lifestyle

ON IRON DEFICIENCY ANEMIA WHILST PREGNANT - SUPPLEMENTATION Anemia affects an overwhelming proportion of the global populous, with percentages over 40%; even higher rates are experienced by pregnant women.


How is your Methylation? What is it, whats wrong with your Folate (Folic acid) intake and why hasn’t the FDA/ TGA approved L-Methylfolate?

By Bryan Stralow, Editor-in-Chief, These questions are rarely asked. Everyone "methylates". Sounds ominous but I assure it is normal. We, being the collective human 'cellular' we, actually methylate at conception, or rather, fertilisation. Methylating as a zygote...  well, aren't we clever! As there are a multitude of natural, organic processes where methylation occurs, it tends…

Glyphosate – Not In Our Bread – Soil Association

Glyphosate—the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup—is the most widely sold weedkiller in the world. Government figures show its use in UK farming has increased by a shocking 400% in the last 20 years. Nearly a third of UK cereal crops were sprayed with glyphosate in 2013. In addition to its use as a normal weedkiller,…

…13 ways to improve your diet, organically and look to cure cancer

  Only purchase produce from known reputable grocers. Look for the sales pitch containing 'natural' or 'fresh' Avoid at all costs. Buy Certified Organic if source/ testing certificate trustworthy Avoid exceptionally bright fruit or enlarged/irregular fruits and vegetables. Stop contamination of soil using cadmium-rich rock phosphates Stop using Neurotoxins / neonics as pesticides Avoid Gluten…

AUSPOL DDT still available in AUSTRALIA  – DIENOCHLOR – Half Completed SDS – Missing Test Results – Merck

  C10 Cl10 = DDT or Agent Orange, and you've misspelled evaporate... You've included firefighting techniques but you've not mentioned flash point... Also, the suit may not be good enough to save them from the neurotoxins .... the sentence pertaining to carcinogenicity is incomplete. document Source:  MSDS (Dienochlor) - 45443

DDT Still Available? Where can I get Kelthane? –

The Q&A Archives: Where can I get Kelthane? Questioner's Location: Lutz, Fl Date: December 1, 2009Question: I have a problem with Spidermites on my Cactus collection and have tried Malathion, Neem Oil and Sevin and none of these eliminates Spidermites for good! I was told they have become moderately resistant to these and that Kelthane…