Growing Organically? Use SAFE SPRAY for Organic Weed Control | Organic Lifestyle Co.

SPRAY SAFE with SAFE SPRAY™ In its aqueous diluted form, SAFE SPRAY™ can not only act as a strong herbicide, but it also works as an innocuous cleaning “antimicrobial” agent with livestock, cutting down on Campylobacter and Salmonella bacteria found commonly in faecal matter. This means that your livestock will also be healthier!


Organic Weed Control | Sharon Mastel’s Organic Gardening Tips and Advice| Organic Lifestyle Blog

Spraying with organic herbicides can also be contentious as there are few certified by trustworthy sources. Here are some Organic Lifestyle Natural Herbicide tips in conjunction with Sharon's article.


Martina Organics: The Benefits of Organic Oil |Skin and Beauty | Organic Lifestyle Co.

For those unaware of the amazing properties of facial oils, there are a multitude of benefits. Firstly, don’t worry about feeling greasy. Botanical oils have a small molecular structure that is similar to the skin, which makes them easily absorbed


How is your Methylation? What is it, whats wrong with your Folate (Folic acid) intake and why hasn’t the FDA/ TGA approved L-Methylfolate?

By Bryan Stralow, Editor-in-Chief, OrganicLifestyle.blog These questions are rarely asked. Everyone "methylates". Sounds ominous but I assure it is normal. We, being the collective human 'cellular' we, actually methylate at conception, or rather, fertilisation. Methylating as a zygote...  well, aren't we clever! As there are a multitude of natural, organic processes where methylation occurs, it tends…

Organic Computing: Backdating Social Media and Webpages | How do you like them apples?

Looking through different web search results, particularly on google, you will notice 'dates published'. This can help to provide and assure substantive business presence to customers and also indicate origination of content. But are the dates correct? Ever seen some "date anomalies'? We sure have... If you are a creative person, inventing new products or…


Operation ReCapture: Cleaning up the Ocean, One Micro-particle at a Time

Through a different lens, we can see things clearer. Perhaps the best ideas are also the simplest. Incorporating existing technology that is readily available, the Ocean ReCapture Polymer Harvesting Project, aka Operation ReCapture, is proposing to utilize a process what we have named "Cyclic Evaporation" which entails using heat, provided by sources of Renewable Energy…


Organic Building Materials: Basalt Mortar, Basaltic Render and Basalt Concrete

Made from naturally occurring materials that require little mechanical processing, basalt mortar mix designs are a special building material, used for the fixing and laying of stone, brick and block. See basaltbricks.com for further infomatiom. Sustainable and highly durable, basaltbricks is pioneering in basalt render, mortar and concrete design. We use no Portland cement and…