Organic Lifestyle Co. CLONE-IT™ Organic Cloning Gel

CLONE-IT™ Organic Cloning Gel for Propagation of Softwood Plant Varieties

When you require cloning or propagation of softwood plant varieties such as tomatoes, strawberries, roses and other plants that allow propagation derived through cuttings from new green growth, one has trouble finding a natural and organic solution. Organic Lifestyle Co. are happy to now have a remedy for that problem with the release of CLONE-IT™ Organic Cloning gel.


Immediately after propagation


After 24 hours, the leaves are not wilting and are searching for light… a good sign!

When cloning any soft stemmed plant variety, it is important to follow these steps for high cloning success rates.

Use in conjunction with Organic Lifestyle Co. perkynana’s foliar spray and Organic Lifestyle Co. Quik Pod for fast results and rapid rooting.