Organic Lifestyle Co Garden Supplies

Organic Lifestyle Co. manufactures organic gardening supplies for the global market. Check out our range of products below. For Organic Gardening suppliers, please feel free to contact us for further details on listing your products.

Medium Pods for Rapid Growth

Organic Lifestyle Co. “Quik Pod” Hydroponic Netted Pots – Small

Organic Lifestyle Quik Pod Hydroponic Bag System will work in many ways. It also provides direct access to the root area and will provide for many happy plants. Grow Herbs, some fruits and most vegetables in this easily maintainable and root rot-inhibiting hydroponic netted bag system. Size - 200mm x 100mm. PERFECT FOR CLONING SYSTEMS AND FAST TURN AROUND CROPPING! Pack of 5 includes shipping (International)


Organic Lifetsyle Co. ‘Quik Maxi Pods’ Hydroponic Netted Bag- Large

FOR LARGER ROOTS AND BIGGER PLANTS… Rapid Growth and healthy roots mean bigger harvests in a shorter time! Try Quik Pod and you’ll never go wrong! Works well with Expanded Clay (Hot Rocks) Perlite and other Hydroponic medium. Size: 300mm x 200mm. Set of 5 including delivery (International)


Organic Lifestyle Co. Safe Spray™ Organic Herbicide

Organic Lifestyle Co. Organic Fruit and Flower Enhancer

Organic Lifestyle Co. CLONE-IT™ Organic Cloning Gel