Organic Lifestyle Co. Hemp Fruit Bowls

The Organic Lifestyle Co. Organic Hemp Fruit Bowl

The Organic Lifestyle Organic Hemp Fruit Bowls are made with 100% Organic Hemp Fibre and can house more than just fresh food. They are equally adept to capturing your keys and loose bits and pieces that everyone has.

Adorned with the makers’ mark in the form of a wax seal, the composition of these hemp fibre fruit bowls lends to a unique appearing, long lasting design that will serve you long into the future.

With two sizes available, the Organic Lifestyle Co. are happy to provide you with a completely organic way of storing your fresh produce and helping to keep your space organised.


Medium Size – 24cm (9.5″) top, 17cm (6.5″) bottom, 10cm (4″) height

Large Size – 31cm (12.25″) top, 21cm (8.25″) bottom, 10cm (4″) height


100% Organic Certified Hemp Cord with Hemp Header