Thunderstorm Asthma: The Hidden Cause | Canola Farming

How do you think the human body handles inhalation of fatty acids? Not well. This can be seen by any of the Safety Data Sheets regarding the handling of fatty acids such as omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 types of both mono and polyunsaturated oils as produced by Canola and other 'bio-oil' flower…

Cancer is increasing in Children but what is to blame? | Cancer Research | Organic Lifestyle Blog

Childhood Cancer is on the increase but what is the cause? UK Scientists say "germ-free" life is to blame Results obtained from recently released scientific report indicate the correlation between overly sterile, germ-free environments, mainly within the first year of a newborns life, and the prevalence of childhood leukaemia (cancer) is clearly evident There are…


Martina Organics: The Benefits of Organic Oil |Skin and Beauty | Organic Lifestyle Co.

For those unaware of the amazing properties of facial oils, there are a multitude of benefits. Firstly, don’t worry about feeling greasy. Botanical oils have a small molecular structure that is similar to the skin, which makes them easily absorbed


CAMP BABY PortaBaby™ are Online and available for Ordering | Organic Lifestyle

CAMP BABY PortaBaby™ Portable Beds are now available for ordering here on #organiclifestyle... We are working around the clock to bring you our other designs and to make our platform stronger. Purchase directly through paypal using your credit card or paypal balance Sleep Anywhere with CAMP BABY #wheredoyoucampbaby via CAMP BABY PortaBaby™ Deluxe "Soho" Baby…


Organic Building Materials: Basalt Mortar, Basaltic Render and Basalt Concrete

Made from naturally occurring materials that require little mechanical processing, basalt mortar mix designs are a special building material, used for the fixing and laying of stone, brick and block. See for further infomatiom. Sustainable and highly durable, basaltbricks is pioneering in basalt render, mortar and concrete design. We use no Portland cement and…