Thunderstorm Asthma: The Hidden Cause | Canola Farming

How do you think the human body handles inhalation of fatty acids? Not well. This can be seen by any of the Safety Data Sheets regarding the handling of fatty acids such as omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 types of both mono and polyunsaturated oils as produced by Canola and other 'bio-oil' flower…


Assault & Theft of Genetic Material at Ballarat Base Hospital | Medical Law

Staff at Ballarat's Base Hospital have stolen genetic material from the birth of a child and also injected the mother with a syringe full of material without notification. When birthing our third child at the hospital just over three months ago, my wife Tasha and I were shocked at the occurrences which indicated clear a…


Medical Doctor prescribes Ferrograd C against Manufacturers Own Disclosure Statement | Pregnancy | Organic Lifestyle

ON IRON DEFICIENCY ANEMIA WHILST PREGNANT - SUPPLEMENTATION Anemia affects an overwhelming proportion of the global populous, with percentages over 40%; even higher rates are experienced by pregnant women.